Kremak eood logoSlogan: Creativity and Security!
Vision: KREMAK EOOD guarantees peace and comprehensive security to its clients.
Mission: We aim at being an honest and reliable partner in providing comprehensive security to our clients by offering customized solutions tailored to their specific needs.
KREMAK has a history dating back 25 years and it is proud of its corporate culture and established values.
Currently, KREMAK security is one of the largest companies for physical and equipment-based security in Bulgaria, with many years of experience, which provides the highest level of security for our clients.
  • The company has over 1,000 licensed security guards and employees;
  • We are specialized in providing security services for huge corporate clients in the energy sector;
  • We provide security services to more than 150 industrial sites, including sites of national and strategic importance;
  • We protect centrally over 12,000 sites with equipment-based security systems and CCTV equipment;
  • The company is certified in accordance with the law on protection of classified information, it keeps a unique number registry and is granted the security classification level of "Secret".
  • We have a certificate for implemented quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 and a certificate for implemented Health and Safety system according to OHSAS 18001:2007;
  • The Company is included in the database of applicants entitled to participate in international tenders of NATO, supported by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism.

Over the years we have developed as a security company that is highly responsible to the needs and concerns of its clients, and offers quality performance of all assignments and full service. The constantly changing market conditions have taught us to provide flexible solutions for every type of business, based on client's affordability. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.


The company features and further develops:

  • The highest level of loyalty, guaranteed for all of our clients;
  • Unique experience in working with minority groups;
  • Individual solutions for each region;
  • Traditions in providing security for national and strategic sites;
  • Flexibility plus already created extensive logistics network;
  • New professional security concepts and methods;
  • Consultating and development of complete corporate strategies for protection of businesses focused on the client;
  • Integrity and honesty;
  • Long-standing relationships with investors from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Israel, Austria.


The foundation of our success and the major driving force is the human factor. The most valuable asset of KREMAK are our employees - teams of professionals in different fields-that cherish our principles, traditions, ideas and goals, in combination with creativity and innovative approach.

On the 24-hour hotlines 0700 69 000, 0886 380 866, operators on duty at the independent monitoring center receive signals for immediate remedy of technical problems, appearing in the control and security systems on any site included in the communications networks of KREMAK EOOD.



Over 300 sites with physical security and over 12 000 sites with equipment-based security in more than 11 regions of Bulgaria.

     Head office in Stara Zagora.

     Regional offices in the following towns:
     - Plovdiv
     - Sliven
     - Burgas
     - Yambol
     - Nova Zagora
     - Kazanlak
     - Veliko Tarnovo
     - Haskovo
     - Kardzhali

- Areas covered by Kremak


We are proud that we keep being the preferred partner by our clients due to the high level of professionalism and loyalty maintained. We have been working with a lot of our partners for 25 years. Some of these are:
  • EVN BulgariaEVN Bulgaria
  • EVN MacedoniaEVN Macedonia
  • CEZ BulgariaCEZ Bulgaria
  • National Electricity CompanyNational Electricity Company
  • Raiffeisen BankRaiffeisen Bank
  • Contour GlobalContour Global
  • TRACE InternationalTRACE International
  • The National Revenue AgencyThe National Revenue Agency
  • Perla ADPerla AD
  • and many others…


KREMAK EOOD holds a national licence for running a security business. The company is certified in accordance with the law on protection of classified information, it keeps a unique number registry and is granted the security classification level of "Secret".

Certificate of registration under ISO 9001:2008 - see
Certificate of registration under ISO 14001:2004 - see
Certificate of registration under ISO 27001:2013 - see
Certificate of registration under OHSAS 18001:2007 - see
Trademark Certificate - see
Going Concern Certificate - see     
Certificate of membership at NAFOTS - see
Certificate of partnership with MOBOTIX AG - see
Permit by the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) - see



Over the years we have learned that success is more important and brings more joy when it is shared. KREMAK EOOD has opted to support various foundations and young professionals, enabling the latter to acquire job skills and apply what they have learned in a real and dynamic environment. The company has created and works on the development of an internship program with some of our big universities to provide opportunities for young professionals in the subjects of Safety and Security to start a career. Kremak security company recruits on a regular basis young trainees under Internship programs in cooperation with the regional labor offices.

KREMAK EOOD provides sponsorship to:

  • "Look ahead" Foundation;
  • "Kindness" Foundation;
  • Charity initiative "Bulgarian Christmas"
  • International Christian Charity Organisation "Saint Philaret, the Almsgiver";
  • SOS Children's villages;
  • Donations to individuals for medical treatment, etc.


Recruitment, in addition to the criteria set forth in the Law on the private security business, is done based on an internal company test for checking the applicants’ psychological and physical fitness and individual skills. Employees of the company are recruited after appropriate selection and training. Training is all year-round, which guarantees professionalism and high quality of the services offered.
Guards are provided with uniforms, corporate badges and related equipment.

KREMAK EOOD has its own training center and its own licensed training organisation named Brian Consortium to train security guards on arms handling.
Employees who install and service alarm and security equipment pass additional training and probation as operators at Alarm monitoring center, CCTV and GPS monitoring facilities.

The company takes care of the good motivation of the guards, which is a prerequisite for their responsibility, honesty and high ethics while performing their duties.

In its own training facility, KREMAK EOOD conducts monthly training sessions on safe handling of firearms pursuant to Art. 2, § 4 of Ordinance № Іz-575/02.03.2011 of the Ministry of Interior on the procedures for organising courses on safe firearms handling in relation to Art. 58, para 5 of the Weapons, Ammunitions, Explosives and Pyrotechnic Products Act.

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Emergency number: 0700 69 000
Stara Zagora Head Office: +359 888 753 944
Plovdiv office: +359 886 789 211
Sliven office: +359 886320879
Nova Zagora office: +359 887 395 585
Kazanlak office: +359 885 826 353
Burgas office: +359 886320879
Veliko Tarnovo office: +359 888231837
Sofia office: +359 888 488 996
Smolian office: +359 884770 089
Ihtiman office: +359 882 218 040
Pazardzhik office: +359 884 346547
Yambol office: +359 889814619
Radnevo office: +359 884 020 079
Haskovo office: +359 885 712 271
Kardzhali office: +359 885 712 241
Skopje office: +389 (0)2/224 55 802


For further information, queries and comments, please, contact us here or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ISO 9001: 2008

OHSAS 18001:2007
ISO 14001:2004
ISO 27001:2013